Cold Turkey (1971) DVD

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Cold Turkey (1971) DVD

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  • 1971
  • Feature Film
  • Directed by Norman Lear
  • Screenplay by Norman Lear; based on th novel "I'm Giving Them Up for Good" by Margaret Rau & Neil Rau
  • Starring Dick Van Dyke; with Pippa Scott, Tom Poston, Edward Everett Horton, Bob Elliott, Ray Goulding, and Bob Newhart

DVD Features

  • Region 0 PAL DVD
  • 102 minutes
  • Color
  • 16:9 Widescreen
  • Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0), English (Dolby Digital 2.0) audio
  • Spanish subtitles



  • Un mes de abstinencia —— Import DVD Title


What Happens When An Evil Tobacco Company Offers $25,000,000 To An Entire Town To Stop Smoking For Thirty Days? What Happens When 4,006 Heavy Smokers From Eagle Rock, Iowa Take Up The Challenge?

An expert in public relations convinces the owner of a tobacco company to sponsor a contest in which $25 million is offered to any US town. that gets its inhabitants to stop smoking for 30 days. Reverend Brooks leads Eagle Rock to win in this particular challenge, even though some tobacco executives are bent on not meeting the goal. If citizens do not go crazy and do not kill themselves because of the withdrawal syndrome, they can win the fabulous prize.


Norman Lear
Edward Stephenson
Bud Yorkin
Dick Van Dyke
Charles F. Wheeler
Art Directors
Archie J. Bacon
John C. Horger
Costume Designers
Rita Riggs
Randy Newman
Casting Directors
Ross Brown
Production Companies
Tandem Productions